If a Big Girl falls off her bike in a deserted parking lot, does anyone hear her (or help her)?

Finally got my bike today! I felt like a little kid during christmas.


Even though I was exhausted from the day and had already weightlifted in the morning; I still sneaked out the bike.

I was pretty awkward. For one, I had almost zero idea how the gears worked. Nor did I know how to get my feet easily in and out of the toe clips. I was basically lumbering around like a crazy person in the parking lot.


I know people thought I was nuts…but, hey, there’s no room to be self-conscious when you’re trying to change your life.

After a while of lumbering around some more, I finally got a hold of it…and…it was FUN…and TIRING.I loved the feel of the wind blowing against me and childhood freedom of a bike. But, on the other hand, I realized how out of shape I am. Plus, being in the reclined drop bar position really took it out of me.

I’m definitely going to take it slowly–maybe 20-30 minutes a day until I get a hang of everything. But, I’m definitely excited 🙂


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