As I Lay (Near) Dying

So, I tried to do a pushup today. That’s not a typo, by the way–I literally mean that I tried to do one pushup. Needless to say, the struggle is REAL.


But, hey, when you’re a Big Girl, you’ve got to take little steps.

The rest of the morning was less demoralizing…well, kind of. I went for a walk on my beautiful River Walk path, and discovered some unexpected obstacles. Not metaphorical obstacles–literal obstacles…


Anyway, after I discovered that (OBVIOUSLY) the park was being shut down for some amazing event which I had not been informed of/invited to, I headed in the opposite direction.

My good fried “LaToya” called me and we had a wonderful chat, as usual. Even better, I somewhat accidentally inspired her to take a walk. Look at me: an exercise evangelist…erm, not really; but it was fun.

Got in another weight lifting workout today, which was (painful) fun as usual. There were a bunch of other fit people working out so I felt really “hardcore.” Until I went to do free weights and literally used 10 and 5 pounds weights while the guy next to me was pretty much bench pressing school buses whilst whistling.

Small Steps.


2 thoughts on “As I Lay (Near) Dying

  1. Crikey, don’t worry what other people are lifting, if you are doing your best you might actually find you are doing far more than they are… Really all a matter of perspective…

    And hey, good luck with it!

    • Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I tend to specialize in self-deprecating humor; but it’s definitely important to stay positive, too. And, honestly, I am feeling happy and great about myself since working out. Good luck on your journey to recovery as well!

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