Did Halloween Come Early…? No, I just Lack Fashion Sense

So, I wore this today:


While, at first, it seemed like a perfectly sufficient cycling top, about five minutes into my ride I  suddenly realized that I looked eerily similar to a pumpkin riding a bicycle. Or perhaps, to be more accurate, a person who had been swallowed by a pumpkin whilst riding a bicycle. Either way, it made me silently cry inside chuckle.

(But, hey, at least my socks were mismatched again; so I had some ‘street cred’).

Now back to actual cycling. I’m still pretty slow and out of shape. My goal for the moment is just to ride about twenty minutes at a time and try not to topple over. Ambitious, I know! But, as someone who has tried and failed at many exercises in the past, I’ve learned something: If my workout is not fun, I will not keep it up.

(Genius concept, huh?)


This is the reason that my attempts at running and elliptical workouts have failed me. I simply do not have the willpower to persist in exercises that I find to be agonizing. So I’m taking a slow, fun approach to cycling, so that every time I go out I feel accomplished, yet also entertained. It’s not too hard, since cycling is an inherently fun sport (think back to your childhood!).

Also, for anyone interested…[crickets], here’s the beginner cycling plan I’m following. (I doubt I’ll actually be cycling an hour to an hour and a half anytime soon, though): http://www.zest.co.uk/cycling/20-week-cycle-training-plan/2771.html


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